Feng Shui Flair and the Art of Zen

Many people in search of clarity in their lives will strive to incorporate a more minimalist and orderly design to their surroundings. Many interior designers may use techniques and principles derived from the past to aid in achieving this also. I for one can advocate the positives to these approaches. By freeing up space in ones home, this frees up ones own mind to be receptive to newer activities and newer thought processes. Thus allowing more experiences to come into our lives so that we can live life to the fullest! As an Interior Designer, this comes naturally to me. I prefer and strive to live my life through form and function. I try to surround myself with beauty whether it be in nature or man-made objects. The artful inspires me. While perfection is never the mindset of my goals, I do prefer a more systematic approach to decorating. I do understand the difficulties persons may stumble on when trying to attain a certain “look and feel” to their surroundings. Creating a harmonious environment should be one's main goal.



From the light of my home to the light of yours...


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